Long time no talk because part of the things that the neck must remain a secret until Christmas, but one work to share.

Ballerina for a ballerina, the biggest of my existing dolls. I came across a few problems, but I think all was fine 🙂 At the beginning screwed up the company from whom I buy very solid, non-allergenic filling – sent to me by mistake the cheapest taxidermist, without any approval, pretty awful, which I do not know what to do. Luckily quickly literally correct two kilos 🙂 Then it turned out that it is very difficult to find a balance between the slender silhouette of a ballerina, and the weight of the doll near a meter high and long, włóczkowymi hair. I applied bracing wires in the limbs and neck and very hard stuffed the parts of the corpus. Sutures all did the double, I trust that the material abolish such tension 🙂

Finally doll is 90 cm, moving hips and shoulders, long hair.